Legion of Eidyn

fashion / textiles / print / knit / pattern-cutting / art direction / branding

This project involved a collaboration in a group of four to establish a brand ethos and image, and individually creating 2/3 outfits that would work coherently within the brand.


Our brand, Legion of Eidyn, works in the concepts of the playful and decadent. Almost one hundred years on from the ‘Lost Generation,’ our own generation is facing another drastic change from the world in the previous century. Will we confront it with the unabashed glee, the opulence and pastiche of the Bright Young Things? 


My own pieces consisted of two womenswear and one menswear outfit. COmposed of loose tailoring, long silhouettes and detailed, textured knit, they took inspiration from dandyism, Paul Poiret, Ballet Russo and the organic structures of cells and lichen.